Updating a sql recordset

Anything less could indicate memory pressure, missing indexes, or a cache flush) (OLTP applications (e.g.small transactions) should have a high cache hit ratio.

For best performance on a server, SQL Server should be the only application running on the server, other than management utilities. Ans: When the batch contains temporary tables or the T-SQL statements which refers some of the objects that are not currently existed in the database, but will be created once the batch is run. What are the permissions required to view execution plans?

Periodic higher values for disk seconds/read may be acceptable for many applications.

For high performance OLTP applications, sophisticated SAN subsystems provide greater IO scalability and resiliency in handling spikes of IO activity.

Plan re-use is desirable for OLTP workloads because re-creating the same plan (for similar or identical transactions) is a waste of CPU resources.

Compare SQL Server SQL Statistics: batch requests/sec to SQL compilations/sec.

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