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Games will be 40-point cancellation or 40- or 50-shoe games. NOTE: All athletes should check-in at the horseshoe courts at the Community Building by AM the day of competition, unless otherwise notified. Pitchers are responsible for bringing their own horseshoes.

This tournament is open to everyone, including non-Iowa Hawkeye Horseshoe Pitchers Association members.

Rusius, Ruzo, de Ruccis, Rusé, Rugino, Rosso, and Riso—for by all of these names is he designated in the many editions of his writings), a veterinary surgeon of Rome (as he styles himself), and a friend of Cardinal Napoleon de Ursinis, who lived in the 13th and 14th centuries.

When, however, new shoes are applied, and fastened on with either new or old nails, it is necessary the horse should rest, lest harm ensue.

If you need to qualify prior to playing in the tournament contact the commissioner, Jan Warwick, at 515-290-6281. Pre-registered athletes have the option to upgrade to a dri-fit shirt for an additional .

These will be distributed at the Community Building the day of competition.

In the 11th century, I think we have the first written intimation that oxen were shod for travelling.

It is also advantageous to know, that the oftener we shoe a young horse, so rapidly does the horn become thin and weak; and, on the contrary, to accustom it to travel without shoes while it is young, is to make the hoofs larger and stronger.' In other chapters, the diseases of the foot, many of them arising from shoeing, are carefully described.

Within each class, competition will consist of round robin single matches.

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Veterinary medicine at this stage in the revival of the arts and sciences was almost, if not entirely, Italian, and the best and most original writers on it were natives of Italy.

The thicker the shoes of the young horse, so the more liability was there to the hoofs becoming weak and soft; and so long as horses continued to be shod in their youth, so would the hoofs become large and hard.

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