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In 1753, 1,500 French soldiers entered the disputed area and began work to build and improve several forts, including Fort Le Boeuf (1753), Fort de Chartres (1754) and Fort Machault (1756) – these three forts all were located on and protected the vital main transportation and communications corridor for France, between Canada (Quebec) and Louisiana.

Robert Dinwiddie, Virginia's lieutenant governor, upon hearing of France's actions, immediately sent George Washington and Christopher Gist to Fort Le Boeuf to persuade the French to leave.

Lawrence Valley (Quebec City, 1608, then Montreal, 1642), explored the continent looking for furs. In 1634, Jean Nicolet reached Lake Michigan (Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin).

Events in Virginia carried more weight in England than those of any other colony in North America.

Many more were built, for example in 1711, at Michillimakinac (Michigan) or in 1718, at New Orleans (Louisiana).

— Genealogy of French forts of the West by Franco Gene In Canada, there was nothing but a constant struggle against nature, still mistress of the vast solitudes, against vigilant rivals and a courageous and cruel race of natives.

The effort to control the Ohio Country was the most direct cause of the French and Indian War.

The French, who had long claimed the Ohio Country as their territory, felt threatened by the Ohio Company's venture.

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