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The exhibition, curated by sex worker and anthropologist Julia and artists Eva Cookney and Jeeva_d, so far includes a collection of jams and chutneys, acrylic nails for 'cock scratching', cutlery, 'little piggy' salt and pepper shakers, shiny leggings for a client to rip and...'ass pimple' cream.“We are also going to be showing a huge 'Blue Balls Fucking Machine' that was bought for someone and we’ll have it running at certain intervals.

But not all the time, because nobody needs that,” says Eva.

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Uganda's parliament has agreed to meet sex workers to discuss their claims of police harassment.

Parliamentary Speaker Edward Ssekandi has instructed a committee of MPs to meet the prostitutes after they complained to him.

They make art to humanise; its a form of activism that challenges a public who may not know that their friend or family member is involved in sex work.But a set of sex worker-led art projects alongside SWO hope to break out of this tired quandary.One of the most poignant is Amy and Rosanna Cade's show Sister, which deals with how Amy's work as a stripper and porn actor was received by their family: with fear and negativity, but then increasing acceptance.Art has always been a ‘voice for the voiceless’.” At the same time, there's a privilege in being able to face the violence that attends outing yourself as a sex worker.As one of the most stigmatised identities, being open is often more possible for those who have supportive families and friends, or for those who are white and otherwise insulated from discrimination.

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"The law was enacted by the colonialists in order to keep away Africans from the urban areas. Magistrates usually impose a small fine on the sex workers who appear before them.

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