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"She would be delighted to eat with us, but could she stay overnight? Donya then went to her handbag and brought out a fifty-pound note and a five-pound note. She popped both her boobs out of her bodysuit as she knew Paul liked that. Tomorrow morning we can start working, but rest assured Mr Burns will get his letter on Monday.” They sat round the table chatting after the meal.

" Donya said, “No problem; when she comes we will order, as I think Paul is getting a bit hungry now. She said, “You two get comfortable, and I'll give this to the girls, so we are not disturbed when the meals arrive.” Bunty was kissing and touching Paul before Donya was out of the door. Donya said, “I'm very sure that we will get him very hard; do you have a camera or will you use your i Phone? Could you take the pictures, as I would like one with him teasing my clit with the tip of his cock? I don't want any face pictures, just his cock and my pussy.“ Donya said, “Okay, let's get him hard.” They both went down on him, with Bunty sucking his cock and Donya massaging his balls. Mags brought up several good points regarding checks and balances on what they were doing.

” Donya laughed and then said, “We will have to be back at the house at four as I have a wine order being delivered then. May be better if you come with us to make sure that you are happy with what we buy.” They had decided to use the dining room as the office so they didn't buy any desks or chairs.

The only office furniture they bought were two filing cabinets which would be delivered this evening.

Paul put his hand under the tablecloth and soon found her wet pussy. They kissed, then Mags said, “That was the best fuck of my life. I wish we had got together like this a long time ago.” Ann kissed him and whispered, “So do I, we could have had so much fun. Forty minutes later they fell asleep in each other's arms. Both of them were awake and already kissing and touching. She said that it was a good idea to move into the house and they would stay there tonight. They told Kay over breakfast, and she said, “Can I move in as your housekeeper? Paul said, “You will be visiting us often.” Paul left and told them to message him and keep him up to date on what was happening. ” Paul explained about Donya’s concerns about her legal bills; Val was very calm, and asked what her surname was.

Mags had her left leg pressed against Paul’s right leg. Kay leant over and kissed him, then whispered, “I'm looking forward to tonight, and so are Mags and Bunty.” They finished their meals, and Paul paid the bill. Kay got everyone champagne, and then everyone was stripped. Kay and Bunty were eating each other's pussy while Ann and Donya were kissing and playing with their tits and pussies on the sofa. He was still rubbing her clit as he was riding her and she made him stop as she couldn't take anymore. I have been fisting her pussy and ass.” He went down on Bunty; he was sucking her clit and fisting her. He ass-fucked her for ten minutes with Kay fisting her pussy and Paul rubbing her clit. Val works there at the moment, I will call her tomorrow and see what she says. She turned around and kissed Paul then said, “That was the best. I have never felt so good.” Paul replied, “It was wonderful for me. They kissed and touched and ten minutes later Donya was on top of Paul, grinding him as he played with her tits and clit. Donya was going to her flat, and they would meet up at her aunt's house. Kay helped her, ading several things that had just been laundered. Val was funny she said, “I hear that you have a girlfriend, how can I help you?

Shall we go to that Italian restaurant that we went to yesterday? I know an excellent restaurant that delivers, and it's only a two-minute walk from the house. They do an excellent Thali.” Paul then went to the Cafe. His phone beeped, he had a message from Kay which read, “Darling, last night was amazing, my pussy is still tingling. I have put an extra packet of your pills in your toiletry bag. Lots of hugs and kisses, your Kay xxx.” Paul sent a reply which read, “Darling, thank you for that. Paul then filled the fridge with the new wines and took the others to the cellar. She hugged and kissed everyone, then she said, “I'm so glad that you called.

” Paul said, “I'll go for a coffee in an Internet cafe so that I can do some research on this morning’s lectures. Can we eat first then go back to the house for a siesta? I think you will hear from Bunty and Mags as both asked for your number. I have a list of things that I need to ask.” Val said, “We need to go to Staples as we need computers, printers and a whole list of things.

” Val told him that she would message him after she had asked Molly. Val arrived three minutes later, and Donya invited her to join them at the Italian restaurant.Val did an exercise on your companies at University. I have arranged for my housekeeper to come to my aunt’s house. I have had keys cut for my penthouse and aunt’s house so you can get in anytime you want. Lots of hugs and kisses your Paul xxx.” Paul continued his research. Next time we are together can I take some pictures? Val was able to tell Donya things about her companies that Donya had no idea was happening. Val was checking the Internet connection, which she said was wonderful.She believes that she could make them more profitable. I would like to have a chat with Val; I will not let the attorney get away with that. Last night was a first for two things; having a mother and daughter and having two sisters. His phone beeped again, it was Bunty and read, “Paul, l am sorry that I missed you this morning. Donya then said, “I would like to have a word with Mags and Val this evening to make sure everything is in place for Monday. She then said that they would need to go to Staples as they needed a printer, fax machine, photocopier and scanner. They also needed to get parchment paper and envelopes to match. Donya asked if they should go now, but Val said to wait for Mags as she might want something. There were five cases of Pol Roger, five cases of Louis Roederer and five cases of Laurent Perrier Rose. There was a wine fridge in the kitchen that had some Dom Ruinart champagne and also some white burgundy.Donya could go to the Law Society about this, and he would lose his practicing certificate. He also said that she wanted a study done on how to improve the profitability of her companies, and that she was also going to set up a law firm to look after her interests. I promise to make the Reza group a very profitable group.He is a total asshole.” “Donya is a very wealthy woman. Paul asked, “Would you be interested in joining this firm? I will hand in my notice this afternoon after I have filled a USB stick with all Donya’s files.

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