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Play the Newlywed Game This was an American TV game show on which couples had to answer questions about one another and compare their answers against their spouses’ secret correct answers.You may have heard of the game “Table Topics,” – well, it’s the same idea, but you don’t need to buy the cards to have a good time.The key to keeping the peace at his party is to have good adult supervision and not too many guests.Making homemade invitations will while away an afternoon and be a fun, creative play activity for your toddler, as well as something you can do together.Working with duct tape is fun because it is simple and versatile (and waterproof) – so look up some tutorials and challenge your partner to make the best duct tape wallet, bag, costume, hammock – whatever.All it requires is a bunch of duct tape, and nowadays you can find all kinds of pretty colors and patterns on duct tape’s fashionable cousin, washi tape.Action rhymes go down well, too, or consider a short story after they’ve eaten to calm everything down for hometime.If you include prize games, like pass the parcel, make sure every child receives something to avoid tears.

Have an origami competition This requires nothing but a piece of paper cut into a square and a webcam or phone with a camera to compare final products.

At this stage, your child will probably be clingy and dependent on you one minute but mobile and freedom-seeking the next.

While he will happily play alongside other children, your two-year-old won't be truly social.

In warm weather, a shallow paddling pool and garden toys create all the fun that's needed, but, again, strict supervision is needed and plenty of shade.

Home is still the best place, but you may be lucky enough to have a toddler indoor play area nearby that you can hire if you want to invite a lot of guests.

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