The oracle of dating by allison van diepen

The Oracle of Dating was a fun, easy and quick virtual page turner that even when I was too busy to read it for 6 months, I thought about it, the characters were interesting, what happened was interesting, and I can't wait to read the next book! I like his openedness towards her and how they were able to just be themselves with each other.With everything that Jared went through, he never allowed that to bring him down. I love that this book had some great relationship advice.The author has a great writing style and the book contained some serious sides, as well. He was the perfect mix of sweet and bad boy that kept both Kayla and the reader guessing.Although Kayla spent a lot of her time giving out dating advice, she'd personally only had two failed relationships. It was great watching their relationship develop, and I was crossing my fingers that everything would work out for them. She runs her own web site, helping out other people by giving them advice in their relationship problem. I love the rules she set up for herself in order to avoid confilt with her website.

I thought THE ORACLE OF DATING was a fun and original read and was more than excited to get started on the sequel.Kayla learns a lot about herself and what a relationship truly means once she and Jared are broken up.She has some funny, but, at times, heartbreaking experiences, but continues to be strong and keep her head firmly on her shoulders.Reviewed by Kelsey Jones for Teens Read THE ORACLE OF DATING was a fun and flirty start to what I'm sure will be a great new series.The main character, Kayla, was extremely likable and I loved being able to read about her different experiences.

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They each have something special about them, and we also get to learn more about their own relationships and how they are handling them in THE ORACLE REBOUNDS.

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